8 Tips to Make a Good Presentation As a Business Trainer 2019

Many professional trainers have problems with their presentation, with selling what they have to say. But there are a few easy ways that remembering about might bring a success in this field. So why not to use them? Read how you can improve your presentation in few short points:

  1. Using PowerPoint, pressing B or W makes the screen go black or white, so bringing the audiences’ focus back to the presenter (press B or W again to bring the screen back).
  2. If you need to jump around your presentation, if you know the numbers of your slides, you simply press the slide number & Return and it goes straight there – gives you excellent control.
  3. Get a delegate with good handwriting to do the work on the flipchart.
  4. Get delegates to write their names on BOTH sides of the nameplate – so adjacent delegates will remember the name too.
  5. Avoid “ummms” by keeping your mouth shut until you know what to say.
  6. If you can’t deal with the group sometimes it is a good to slow down with your speaking and speak more quiet and quiet. In the right moment the group will start thinking is there everything OK and will start listen to you once again.
  7. Be comfortable – it’s hard to do so but when you will feel less stressed everything will go with the plan. Breathing slowly and deep will help you make less stressful.
  8. Drink water – it will give you more self confidence and help you deal with the problems with voice. It will be also a good break in the points of your presentation.
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These are only small suggestion but you might try them in your next presentation and see what it will bring!


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