Creating Healthy Baby Foods

When money is tight, you can always create your own baby food. Many baby foods found in stores are safe and convenient, however many contain a lot of sugar, water and starch. Homemade ones have lower amounts and are more natural.

Babies don’t need to consume solid foods until they are at 4-6 months old. Babies younger than 4-6 months old have not learned how to swallow. If they are given solid foods at any age before 4-6 months, they’ll most likely push out the solid food due to the sucking reflex of the mouth. There is also the option of forcing the food down, however if you aren’t careful, it might cause the baby to choke or gag. Once your baby is anywhere between 4 or 6 months old, it’ll be much easier to feed them solids; however make sure that the food has small lumps and is lightly textured.

The first foods for a baby have to be soft. Many health nutritionists suggest that infant rice cereal filled with iron, mixed with a baby formula or breast milk should be the baby’s first food solid food. This is because rice has a much lower chance than the other grain products to cause any allergic reactions. You can use a food processor, grinder, food mill or a basic blender to make the food softer so it’ll be easier for the baby to consume. If all of this sounds too time consuming to you, you can always use a fork. If you are having a family meal and want to feed your baby, take out a portion of the food for the baby before you add any taste to it (spice, seasoning, salt, and so forth) in case allergies are present. After a month or so of solid foods, you can begin feeding your baby small pieces of meat, fruits or vegetables.

What Age Should Babies Begin To Eat Solid Foods?

When the baby is anywhere between 4 or 6 months old, you can feed them cereal and rice mixed with formula or breast milk. When the baby is 7 months old, you can begin feeding them small pieces of vegetables. At 8 months, small pieces of fruit are acceptable. At 10 months, you can begin feeding the baby small pieces of egg yolks and meats. When your baby is 10 months old or older, you can begin feeding them dairy products such as yogurt or cheese.

Food Safety

Make you sure you prepare the food very carefully. Babies are much more vulnerable to sicknesses than toddlers or older children. Be sure to wash your hands before you make baby food and make sure that any raw foods are cooked very carefully. Make sure that the baby food isn’t left alone at room temperature for two hours or more once it’s prepared, otherwise bacteria will grow quickly. If your baby doesn’t eat, refrigerate the food.

Steps to Making a Safe, Tasty and Healthy Food

Food Recipes for Babies


What you Need:Half a cup of cubed cooked meat and 3 to 4 tablespoons of water.

How to Cook: Mash them and mix them until they are smooth.

Age Requirement to Eat:10 months or older.


What you Need: Quarter cup of rolled oats and baby formula or breast milk; a third of a whole banana and half cup of formula or breast milk.

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How to Cook: 1. Combine the half cup of baby formula or breast milk with the oats. Boil it and simmer for about 5 minutes.

  1. When that is happening, combine the banana with and the quarter cup of baby formula or breast milk and mash them together.

3.Then, combine the oatmeal and banana.

Age Requirement to Eat: 8 months or older.


What you Need: Canned vegetables or fresh vegetables.

How to Cook: 1.If you are using fresh vegetables, make sure to clean them thoroughly.

  1. To cook them, use a small amount of water and cook at low heat. After they have been cooked, mash it and let it cool.

These are some combinations of vegetables that can be mixed for a healthy and tasty meal for your baby:

Age Requirement to Eat: 7 months or older.

Yogurt and Fruit:

What you Need: Quarter cup of cooked fruit and plain yogurt.

How to Cook: Combine and mash them together.

Age Requirement to Eat: 10 months or older.

Meat Dinners: What you Need: Quarter cup of cooked vegetables; baby formula or breast milk; rice, potato or enriched macaroni; and half cup of cooked meat.

How to Cook: Mash them together or blend them. Make sure that only a few lumps are left.

These are some food combinations:

Age Requirement to Eat: 10 months or older.

Meat Balls:

What you need: Half cup of rolled oats or mashed potatoes and pork or lean ground beef.

How to Cook: 1. Thoroughly mix the potatoes or oatmeal with the meat.

  1. Begin forming meat balls (about 1 inch in diameter).
  2. Place them on a baking sheet, then place them in the oven to cook for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
  3. Once done, drain the fat and let them cool.
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Age Requirement to Eat: 10 months or older.

What you feed your baby is very important for their health. Baby food products at the stores are good, however they contain a lot of sugar and starch. If you want the food to be more natural, create your own baby food with fresh ingredients.

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