How to Make a Good Resume

Your resume is your ticket to get invited to a job interview that will eventually give you your dream job, so it is important to learn how to make a good resume. It serves as a marketing tool for you that should simply summarize your education, work experience, skills, strengths, and accomplishments.

A good resume will not really guarantee that you get a good job. It should impress the potential employers first so you will be invited for an interview. It is during the interview where you need to convince them to give you the position you want to fill in.

However, a well-formatted resume that appeals to the recruiter will help you get your resume noticed and reviewed longer probably.

To have an idea how you want your resume to look like and learn how to make a good resume, you may search for sample templates and resume formats online to guide you in making your own. Choose a format that will be easier for you to modify and update as you continue your job hunting.

Usually, resumes in bullet point format appeals to the reader’s eyes. You can also use bold fonts, underlined texts and italicized fonts to emphasize. Different fonts can be used too but make sure they also jibe together. You can also make use of the white spaces to make your resume look pleasant and not overcrowded.

In writing your accomplishments, be honest but not modest. Avoid lies and exaggeration. State clearly your successes and quantify them. Use numbers if applicable. Focus on describing your work accomplishments instead of your duties and responsibilities.

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When it comes to listing your work experiences, do it in a chronological order with your latest job on top of the list. But you can omit those that are not needed in the specific position you want to apply.

A good resume is one that is well-organized and targeted to specific jobs and employers. There should be no misspellings and typographical errors. Be consistent with your headings and bullets to make it professional-looking and impressive.

Your complete name and contact information should come first before everything else. To get an interested employer contact you easily, provide as many contact details as possible in your resume. You may include your postal mailing address and e-mail address in addition to your cell phone number and home phone number.

A good resume can take no more than two pages. Only critical information should be included and omit those that are irrelevant. Make it as presentable as possible because its appearance count as much as how the content counts.

After writing all the relevant information in your resume, proofread it several times before printing or sending it online. You can also consult someone else to check it for possible revisions before doing so. If you will send out printed resumes, use high quality and clean papers. If you decide to send them online, prepare them in text-based format so employers will find it easy to place into searchable databases.

Learn how to make a good resume with these simple tips. Of course, resume designs may vary depending on the type of job you are applying for. You may want to be creative for positions involving creative design, but stick to traditional and formal design if you are applying for positions that are too formal.

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