How to Write A Birth Plan and Why It Can Be Important

“Birth Plans” or “Birth Wishes” are becoming more and more popular for women having their baby in a hospital. Some hospitals even have a birth plan form that they hand out to all of their pregnant women. I will refer to the birth plan as ‘birth wishes’ for the remainder of the article.

Most couples have at least one thing that they either really want or really don’t want during their birth. Some examples include: being able to freely move around, using the tub for natural pain relief, delayed cord clamping, no epidural, etc. I’m not a promoter of having a set birth plan, but I do think it’s important to write down and discuss the things you want and don’t want before and during your birth.

It can be very helpful to write down your birth wishes and desires and review it with your doctor before the big day. This can do a couple of things for you:

Here are some helpful tips to writing a good Birth Wish form:
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